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Incorporating lifestyle changes into one’s life is no longer a luxury—it is a medical necessity. The statistics are sobering: one in four people takes a drug to reduce depression and stress, one in five takes medication to lower their cholesterol, one in five children is obese, and one in nine children takes medication for attention disorders, and the list goes on and on. As our society gets further into debt due to medical costs, it is time that all of us look at lifestyle changes as the first line to treat or prevent all chronic diseases.

As of 2021, we are already spending about 18 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP) on health care—a whopping $3.5 trillion per year. More sobering is the fact that health-care expenditure in this country is expected to skyrocket to 33 percent of GDP by 2040 (according to the World Health Organization). That is simply unsustainable.

Looking at all aspects of lifestyle—including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, and loving kindness—will be critical if we are going to have a meaningful conversation as to how best to reduce the chronic-disease epidemic and dramatically improve our quality of life.

Wellness 101 is more than an informational resource on wellness. It is a road map that each one of us can tailor to meet our own individual needs. It provides the actionable items needed to assist you in making the changes you want to see in yourself. And remember—these action items can be used to motivate your family and friends who are also looking to incorporate lifestyle changes but are not quite sure how to go about doing it.

You will not find a more comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that will provide the education you are looking for along with quick tips, useful forms, activities, and motivational quotes. Each section allows you to develop a game plan that meets your lifestyle needs and at the same time keeps you accountable to the most important person in your life—you!

No more relying on others. It really is up to you to do your part in keeping your body healthy. You cannot rely on pharmaceuticals to do it all for you. You must take ownership of your health and well-being and assist your body in reducing inflammation, replacing nutrient deficiencies, and helping your body detoxify out the impurities that get in the way of normal body function—the key drivers of all chronic disease.

Together, we must all commit to focusing on making the necessary lifestyle changes that will reduce chronic disease, improve our quality of life, and reduce the overall health-care spend in this country. Subsequent generations will thank us for publishing Wellness 101—both for modeling how to live well and for leaving them with a more financially stable country.

Here's a review I received for "Wellness 101: Simple Steps to Good Health!" So excited. So proud.

"After embedding our research teams for two decades with the world's longest lived people on earth, I can tell you that Wellness 101 presents both the contemporary science and ancient wisdom of living well. With a blend of tools, tips, bullet points, recipes, and evidence-based knowledge, this book is an overtly pragmatic guide for anyone looking to absorb the science of wellness and unleash the wisdom into their own lives. Who Gloria is as a wellness expert is on full display in her elegant presentation which threads genetics, habits, relationships, and meta effects on ourselves and our society." -

- Dan Buettner Jr., Blue Zones, LLC

Thank you, Dan!

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