How Wellness Evolution Can Help You

VIP Consultations and Education Plans
Providing Individualized Strategies with a Functional Medicine/Root Cause Approach. 
Three options from which to choose:

VIP Days Program

Focused, efficient and highly personalized

Address your health concerns & goals
Unlock Your Health Potential

Fast-Track to Wellness Success
Quick, easy implementable... simple as 1, 2, 3

Thrive in 30
Your Personalized Plan for Vibrant Health
Transform your Health in Just 30 Days
Concentrated, deeply personalized journey to health and wellness.

1:1 attention

Wellness 101 Course - Simple Steps to Good Health
8 - Week Transformational Journey

8 - Weekly Live and Online classes

8 - Weekly Interactive Q & A Sessions
Content rich, simplified and effective online lessons and videos

Exclusive Online Community for peer support
Action steps that simplify your journey to health and wellbeing

Seats are limited to 50 people in a cohort to ensure personalization yet large enough to create your community..

Your personalized support path.


Your path to real success.
Honor your biochemical and lifestyle uniqueness.

Get the consultations you need to pursue your dreams of optimal health and wellbeing.


Strategic, customized, efficient & effective.Learn what your body needs and get a 15% discount on all of your high-quality individualized supplement and clean, quality, non-toxic products.

On my Wellness Evolution Online Fullscript Natural Pharmacy, you will find protocols called "Plans" with my picks for conditions such as brain issues, stress, sleep, digestion, and categories such as kids and pets.

Check it out!


Programs and consulting tailored to your organization.
I help you decide what works best for you.

With my years of experience in corporate wellness and onsite wellness clinics, I will help you make good decisions for your unique company and human resources.


Wellness education is what it takes to engage your employees.
I call it health literacy.

My Wellness 101 classes simplify wellness so that people feel they can do it!

Each talk is customized for your unique team and needs.

Ask me about speaking at your company. I love to teach!

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