Worksite wellness is healthcare reform that works. 

Healthy, happy employees are more productive.
It's Simple. Change your corporate culture for good!

  • TARGETED: Discover and implement the right interventions at the right time.
  • TOGETHER we utilize your historical data to help make useful decisions for today and tomorrow. We survey your team to see what they would like to see, then co-create your customized plan and implement it. We make it simple.
  • PREVENTIVE: Historical data focuses on sub-clinical indicators like high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. But these markers typically appear after wellness has been compromised.
    Our preventive programs seeks to identify markers that are true indicators of future health risks.
  • PERSONALIZED: We connect the dots between early-stage disease management, reversal and avoidance of eventual chronic, expensive conditions. Programs can be created at all levels including a C-Suite Concierge comprehensive package.
  • EMPOWERING: Our unique Health Literacy Program increases engagement by starting with the basics that help you and your employees understand the "why of wellness." Education is key. Our unique, Functional Medicine based approach simplifies wellness, provides easy to implement action steps and gets you results quicker.
  • EFFECTIVE: We implement programs designed to prevent, manage and reverse the health conditions that cost you the most in time, productivity and, of course, money. 
  • NATURAL: A conventional, allopathic approach to wellness emphasizes medical treatment and a pharmaceutical approach. Instead, we focus on the preservation of wellness, disease reversal, vitality and optimal health with a root cause, Functional Medicine approach.
  • CONVENIENT: We provide services onsite or online in order to keep compliance and engagement strong.
  • ONSITE CLINICS & FITNESS: Make it easy for employees to access wellness services. We have experience installing and running efficient and effective onsite clinics with a holistic approach. I have personally witnessed the pride, the energy and the focus that happens when employees KNOW you care. Making wellness accessible onsite is a great way to do that.
  • CUSTOMIZED INJURY PREVENTION PROGRAMS: Think of the fun your team will have doing their custom designed pre-shift stretching programs led by one of their own who is trained by us to lead it! Reduce injuries and have happier, healthier workers. They like it; it increases productivity; reduces injuries; and helps build your culture with camaraderie.

Trust Wellness Evolution to help your company achieve the triple bottom line:


Corporate wellness programs:  Good for Employees; Good for You.

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