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We confidently recommend professional-grade supplements and personal care products because we understand what it takes to create them. What to put in and what to leave out. 
Ask us. We will help you select what is right for you.


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Outstanding Quality

Use this link to access the highest quality supplements, personal care products, essential oils, and healthy snacks on the market today.

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Truly Top-Notch

Fullscript is a smart, easy way to access high-quality supplements and meet your wellness goals – from anywhere.

Choose your own or my recommendations can be sent to you. Your supplements get shipped right to your front door. Plus, getting started is completely free! It’s that simple.

Both Wellevate and Fullscript are excellent suppliers. Certain brands are exclusive to one or the other. Our clients receive a 15% discount and your first Smart Supplementation™ Review is free.


Clean Beauty Products

Beauty should be good for you. Too many of our personal care products are laden with toxic, hormone disrupting, cancer causing ingredients.  Beautycounter makes products that are clean and safe.

These products are well priced, effective, luxurious and safe.  And, to top it all off, Beautycounter is a B Corporation that truly cares about its people and the planet.
Even their packaging is sustainable. 

We support their mission and love their products.  Consider checking them out for yourself and your loved ones.

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Natural Remedies for Life

Can't sleep? Try Lavender Oil.

Bug bites? Try our natural bug spray recipe.

Aging skin? Try Frankincense.
Acne?  Try Tea Tree Oil.

These and so many more health concerns can be treated naturally with essential oils. You can get these on either our Wellevate or Fullscript online dispensaries or click here to purchase high quality oils from Young Living.  A very high quality company with a great history of producing the finest products available.

If you choose to use Young Living, please use my member number:  1300135.

You can also go to Wellevate or Fullscript to buy other high quality brands of oils.

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