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When you understand the why's of wellness,  
you make better choices for yourself.  
Feel stronger and healthier with our unique approach to
wellness through education.  
When you know the basics, you are empowered 
to manage your overall wellbeing and 
make the positive lifestyle changes you choose to make.

We supply the information and support.

Go Above and Beyond with Wellness Evolution...

Your biochemistry is unique. There is no one like you. That's exactly why you get a
customized, holistic plan using practices
designed to evolve with you at your own pace.

Founded in 2002 by wellness expert, author and activist, Gloria Treister, HHP,
Wellness Evolution combines decades of experience with extensive, unparalleled capabilities and programming that focuses on the connection between your individual health, the health of your business
and your environment.

You deserve a life full of joy, gratitude and good health.  
This is the center of our approach which focuses on your personalized needs and desires.

As one of the first organizations to bring holistic wellness to market in the midwest, we have the experience and knowledge to empower you to feel good!

Get a Personalized Wellness Plan!

Wellness Evolution offers you a customized path to better health.

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