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Are you feeling lost in the health maze? 
Do you find yourself perplexed by health concerns that don't seem to have clear answers?
Are you overwhelmed by the endless cycle of online searches that lead nowhere? You are not alone. 
The health and wellness world can be baffling, often filled with contradictory advice and a reactive approach to healthcare.

Here's the Good News: Simplification is within reach.
Many people feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice and the reactive nature of conventional healthcare. 
That's where "Wellness 101
®" and I come in.
I am your ally and guide to optimal health and wellbeing.

Feel wellness empowered. 
You can feel better longer.
I call it Agile Aging and I am your guide and ally on your healthy aging journey. 

When you understand the why's of wellness, you make better choices for yourself.  
You will feel stronger and healthier longer with my unique approach to getting and staying well.   

I listen to your story and together, we create a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goals.
When I teach you the basics,  you will feel empowered  to manage your own health and wellbeing.
The plan that we create together will include personalized action steps to start you on your journey. 
Then, together, we progress your plan to continue your path to optimal health and wellbeing, at your pace, so you create the life you want. 

I guide you along the way and support you in reaching your goals. 

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Go Above and Beyond with Wellness Evolution...

Your biochemistry is unique. There is no one else like you. That's exactly why you need and get a customized, holistic, healthy aging plan using practices designed to evolve with you at your own pace.

Founded in 2002 by award-winning wellness expert, author and activist, Gloria Treister, HHP, Wellness Evolution combines decades of experience with extensive, unparalleled capabilities and programming that focuses on the connection between your individual health, the health of your family, your business and your environment.

You deserve a life full of joy, gratitude and good health.  This is the center of my approach which focuses on your personalized needs and desires.

As one of the first organizations to bring holistic wellness to market in the Midwest, I have the experience and knowledge to empower you to feel really good!

Get a Personalized Healthy Aging Plan!

Wellness Evolution offers you a customized path to
better health for the long run.

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