The Wellness Evolution Story

A Journey in Wellness

After 23 years of experience in physical therapy and rehab  at Treister Physical Therapy, Gloria Treister could not understand why, in healthcare, you had to be broken and then try to fix it. She set out to find a better way.

Opening in 2002 before wellness was a "thing," Wellness Evolution was born. Gloria set out to deliver much needed preventive care to her clients. With a philosophy of empowering people with education and the least invasive modalities first, Gloria delivers care to people so they can get and stay well.  

Following the philosophies of Functional Medicine, she works with you to get to the root cause of your health concerns and co-creates a plan with you that works for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Treister Physical Therapy (Company prior to becoming Wellness Evolution)
Wins the Better Business Bureau Award for
Excellence in Consumer Education

Realizing that physicians may not be fully aware of all of the ways that physical therapy could help their patients, Gloria and her team wrote "Physical Therapy: A Reference Guide."

This simplified guide provided out-of-the-box solutions to many health concerns of patients in easy-to-read charts and case studies supporting the details to help physicians understand all of the ways that Physical Therapy could help their patients.

As a result, Gloria won the Better Business Bureau's award for "Excellence in Consumer Education!" This, once again, demonstrated her passion for helping people get and stay well.

Testimonials and Awards

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) would like to acknowledge Gloria Treister, HHP for her continued support of our ongoing Educational Efforts within Corporate Health and Wellness and thank her for her tremendous contribution.

Employer healthcare & benefits congress

...I have also given my children a liquid vitamin on a consistent basis. This past winter, my children experienced very low frequency of illness.

When they were ill, it was much milder than in past seasons.  I believe the vitamins were a main reason for keeping their immune systems at a healthy level.

Pete s.

…”This is a letter of recommendation for Gloria Treister and her Wellness Evolution organization.

As healthcare practitioners, Gloria and her team provided numerous services to Parker Hannifin Corporation throughout the U.S. for our employees over many years.

They significantly reduced our costs and enhanced the health and wellbeing of our employees. They were often able to reverse patient illnesses that traditional medicine which relies on pharmaceuticals could not.

Wellness Evolution also provided wellness training to many of our facilities for which our employees have been very thankful.

Gloria is one of the most passionate healthcare professionals I have met and I am thankful she and the practitioners at Wellness Evolution were on my team.

I highly recommend Gloria and her organization. I know of no one that cares more about the wellbeing of their patients than Gloria Treister.”

Don Washkewicz, Retired CEO & Chairman of Parker Hannifin Corporation

Thank you, Gloria, for your timely and heartfelt followup.

I am currently taking a Customer Satisfaction course as part of my masters degree, and you just meet all the suggested actions to meet, exceed, and thrill a customer today.

Many online companies do not make the effort, that you have done, to reach out to new customers and show them you care.

… Thank you for mentioning the available consultation.   Do I need to call the main number on your website to take advantage of that opportunity?

Thank you again, Gloria!!!   Excellent Job.


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